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Nam, J., Kim, J. and Lee S.2005Equivalence of Two Treatments and Sample Size Determination Under Exponential Survival Model with CensoringComputational Statistics & Data Analysis49217-226
Nemirovskii, A. S.1985On Nonparametric Estimation of Smooth Regression FunctionsSoviet Journal of Computer and Systems Sciences621-11
Neumann, M. H.1997On the Effect of Estimating the Error Density in Nonparametric DeconvolutionJournal of Nonparametric Statistics7307-330
Nikodemusz-Szekely, E. and Szekely, V.1993Image Recognition Problems of Fingerprint IdentificationMicroprocessors and MicrosystemsVol. 17, No. 4215-218
Novikov, S. O. and Kot, V. S.1998Singular Feature Detection and Classification of FingerprintSPIE International Society for Optical EngineeringVol. 3346259-268

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