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Autor Jahr Titel der Arbeit Zeitschrift Band Seiten
Scherzer, O.2003Scale-Space Methods and Regularization for Denoising and Inverse ProblemsAdvances in Imaging and Electron Physics128445-530
See, K. Y. and Deng, J.2004Measurement of Noise Source Impedance of SMPS Using a Two Probes ApproachIEEE Transactions on Power ElectronicsVol. 19, No. 3862-868
Senior, Andrew2001A Combination Fingerprint ClassifierIEEE Transactions on Pattern Analysis and Machine IntelligenceVol. 23, No. 101165-1174
Shapiro, A. and Botha, J. D.1991Variogram Fitting with a General Class of Conditionally Nonnegative Definite FunctionsComputational Statistics & Data Analysis1187-96
Shawe-Taylor, J., Williams, Ch. K. I., Cristianini, N. and Kandola, J.2005On the Eigenspectrum of the Gram Matrix and the Generalization Error of Kernel-PCAIEEE Transaction On Information TheoryVol. 51, No. 72510-2522
Shen, Y., Zhou, C. and Lin, K.2005Leaf Image Retrival Using a Shape Based MethodInternational Conference on Artificial Intelligence: Applications and Innovations 2005711-719
Sheng, W., Howells, G., Fairhurst, M. and Deravi, F. 2007A Memetic Fingerprint Matching AlgorithmIEEE Transaction On Information Forensics and SecurityVol. 2, No. 3402-412
Smith, C. A. B.1979Note on the Forms of Dermatoglyphic PatternsDermatoglyphics: Fifty Years Later43-52
Steinebach, J.1998On a Conjecture Of Revesz and its Analogue for Renewal ProcessesAsymptotic Methods in Probability and StatisticsVol. in honour of Miklos Csörgo 311-322

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