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Autor Jahr Titel der Arbeit Zeitschrift Band Seiten
Lankelma, J. V.1983Stochastic Dynamical Systems with a Cyclic StructureStichting Mathematisch Centrum. Toegepaste Wiskunde247/831-28
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Lantuejoul, Ch.1988Some Stereological and Statistical Consequences Derived from Cartier's FormulaJournal of Microscopy151265-276
Lantuejoul, Ch.1981On the Use of the Geodesic Metric in Image AnalysisJournal of Microscopy12139-49
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Lejeune, M. G. and Sarda, P.1988Quantile Regression: A Nonparametric ApproachComputational Statistics & Data Analysis6229-239
Liang, X., Bishnu, A. and Asano, T.2007A Robust Fingerprint Indexing Scheme Using Minutia Neighborhood Structure and Low-Order Delaunay TrianglesIEEE Transaction On Information Forensics and SecurityVol. 2, No. 4721-733
Liu, J., Huang, Z. and Chan, L.2000Direct minutia Extraction from Gray-Level Fingerprint Image by Relationship ExaminationProceedings: International Conference on Image Processing, September 10-13, 2000, Vancouver 427-430
Liu, Y. and Wu, Y.2007Variable Selection via A Combonation of the L0 and L1 PenaltiesJournal of Computational and Graphical StatisticsVol. 16, No. 4782-798
Lystig, T. C. and Huges, J. P.2002Exact Computation of the Observed Information Matrix for Hidden Markov ModelsJournal of Computational and Graphical StatisticsVol. 11, No. 3678-689

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