Institute for Mathematical Stochastics

Online-Journals (list of the institute)

Here you can find the most important online-journals of the institute. For each at least the abstract is online. By clicking on the journal's name, you will be redirected to the appropriate homepage - if possible directly to the directory of the available volume. Because the availability of the online-journals may differ from day to day this page will be refreshed frequently in the future. Please contact us, if you locate any errors. If you wish so, more (online-)journals can be added to this list.


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Name Print-Version an UB online abstract Volltext
Advances in Applied Mathematicsneinjaab 1980
Advances in Applied Probabilityja, FMAGjaab 1998
Advances in Statistical Analysisjaab 2004
American Mathematical Monthlyja, FMAGja1894-2002
American Statisticianjajaab 2001
Ann. l´Institut H. Poincaré (B) Probability and Statisticsja, FMAGjaab 1997
Ann. l´Institut H. Poincaré (C) Non Linear Analysisneinjaab 1997
Annals of Applied Probabilityja, FMAGjaab 1991
Annals of Combinatoricsja, FMAGjaab 1997
Annals of Mathematical Statisticsja, FMAGja1930-1972
Annals of Probabilityja, FMAGjaab 1973
Annals of Statisticsja, FMAGjaab 1973
Annals of the Institute of Statistical Mathematicsja, FMAGja1997-2009
Applied Stochastic Models and Data Analysisneinja1985-1999
Applied Stochastic Models in Business and Industryneinjaab 1999
Astin Bulletinjajaab 1985
Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statisticsneinjaab 1997
Australian Mathematical Society Gazetteneinjaab 1995
Austrian Journal of Statisticsneinjaab 1996

Pia Weibelzahl
Prof. Dr. Tatyana Krivobokova