Institute for Mathematical Stochastics
  • Administration:
  • Acting Director (till 31.03.2021):

    Prof. Dr. Anja Sturm

    Deputy Director (till 31.03.2021):

    Prof. Dr. Dominic Schuhmacher


    Anna Friedrich (M.A.)

    Team Assistant and Student Office

    Room 4.115

    Phone: +49-551-39172100

    Stephanie Westphal

    Human Resources and Accounts Department

    Room 4.114

    Phone: +49-551-39172101

  • Institute's executive committee (till 31.03.2021):
  • Professors' group:

    Prof. Dr. Axel Munk

    JProf. Dr. Daniel Rudolf

    Prof. Dr. Dominic Schuhmacher

    Prof. Dr. Anja Sturm

    Scientific Assistants' group:

    Johannes Wieditz

    IT and administration's group:

    Stephanie Westphal

    Students' group (till 31.03.2020):

    Jannik Koch

  • PhD students' Representative:
  • Johannes Wieditz